"Soul Saga" by Disastercake LLC, Seattle USA (TBD), composer and orchestrator

"Neo Monsters" by Zigza Games Inc. Japan, (May 2015), composer and orchestrator

"AdventureCraft" by Edible Games, Australia (TBD), composer and orchestrator

"Cuckoo Run" by Zeenoh Games, Philippines (May 2014), composer and arranger

"Heroes Above" by Unlibox, Philippines (July 2016), sound design



"Multiplex" a feature length romantic comedy (November 2015), composer



"Three Movements for Piano (Sub-Conscious, Ego, Twenty-Seven)" performed by Julian Wong at the Berklee Composer's Seminar Concert, piano composition

"In Between Worlds" for a 12-piece chamber orchestra performed at the Five Composers concert at Berklee, composition and orchestration

"In Between Worlds" for full orchestra performed at a reading session by the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra (BCSO), composition and orchestration



Ralph and Michiko's Wedding Theme, "やさしい" (Gentle), composer and orchestrator

Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) Fight Song, "We're on Top of the World", orchestrator and producer

Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) Hymn, You'll be in my Heart Forever", orchestrator and producer

REG (Real Escape Game) trailer music, Singapore, composer

REG (Real Escape Game) in-game music, Singapore, composer